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Fr. David Simmons (from http://www.askthepriest.org) has posted his thoughts about what happened on Wednesday morning at General Convention:

“Yesterday, the right was a well-oiled procedural machine.  Deputies moved from deputation to deputation during the entire convention.  They even had people in the gallery doing communications with the ‘outside.’  Despite all the rhetoric about wanting the Episcopal Church to ‘uphold the Windsor Report,’ when it came down to it they were the ones that called for a vote by orders (making the legislation more difficult to pass) and then voted AGAINST the Windsor resolutions, claiming that they were not sufficient.  Today they tried everything they could do with parliamentary procedure to avoid reconsideration of the Windsor resolution, they again moved for a vote by orders,  and I’m not sure of it, but I believe they voted against it despite the strengthened language.  There’s no logical sense here – even if a resolution is not everything you want, if goes in your direction, you would think you would take it.  It would only make sense if even though you claimed you wanted the Episcopal Church to comply, you didn’t REALLY want it to.

The answer to all this came literally within a couple of minutes of  us passing the resolution from the House of Bishops.  Two of the ER bishops released a statement saying that we had failed to comply with Windsor, that they were willing to do so, and that they were the faithful remnant of the Episcopal Church.”

Read the rest here: This IS my church!

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