Separating the Twins: A Post to the HoB/D email list

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I wrote in response to the following comment:

What I learned at this General Convention is that I love those that disagree with me – those on the “other side.” However, I think the conjoined twins need a separation at this point.

I probably shouldn’t be writing to the list today. I’m still too wiped out to be really coherent, but I can’t let this one go by me without asking you or someone else to explain why they believe this idea to be true.

I saw the absolutely shattered faces of people who felt like they betrayed their friends and themselves yesterday in trying to do something that might keep us together as a denomination and as a Communion. I saw those faces on my sisters and brothers from both ends of the theological/political spectrum. I can’t agree to separation without striving with every fiber of my being to honor their witness. I committed myself to that as I thought and prayed on the long drive home.

Besides, I think I have recognized something I didn’t realize before as a result of the reaction that came out of “center’s” frustration on Tuesday afternoon. The wing(s?) of this Church that calls for schism is really quite small. 20% in total at most. The large body of this Church is committed to community – and is willing to suffer for that commitment.

If I want to get angry about something btw that happened at Convention, it is the news that is reported by David Virtue’s website that there were bishops who voted for our Presiding Bishop elect out of a desire to do mischief. They did not honor their office or the vows they made before Jesus by voting for the person they prayerfully discerned to be called to the office of PB – they chose instead to attempt to make a political statement, or appear to make one about the relationship between the Communion and TEC.

But I am certain that, though they may have meant their actions for “mischief”, God has used their votes for good. In fact, I am so stunned by God’s obvious working in this election, that I have a peace about our future that I have not had for years.

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