Last ditch joint session in the morning to work on replacement language for A161

General Convention

We were told of this as we reconvened this evening for work on other Windsor related resolutions and Title III revisions (the ordination process) – though there were rumors buzzing in the hour before.

“The Houses of Bishops and Deputies will meet tomorrow morning after the Eucharist (at which Bishop Jefferts Schori is preaching!) to make a last stab at working out some fuller legislative response to the Windsor Report.”

My sense is that a strong middle has formed this evening. No substantive amendments were allowed to any of the Windsor Resolutions and they passed by very wide margins. There was opposition to them before the votes were taken, so it wasn’t something in which everyone was initially in agreement.

Jim Naughton’s full account here:
Last ditch joint session

(Via Daily Episcopalian.)

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