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Jim Naughton has this just right. It’s exactly what we’re seeing happening on the floor…

“The House of Deputies has been frustrating to watch this afternoon. There seems to be a clear majority interested in embracing the langue of ‘considerable caution,’ but it can’t get the resolution on the floor. Hence, it is possible that we won’t make as strong a response as we might like to the Windsor Report.

Here’s what’s been happening: the substitue resolution under consideration this morning was ruled out of order on the constitutional grounds I outlined two posts down. Then the original motion, including the ‘urge to refrain’ language was defeated, getting only about one-third of the votes in a vote by orders.

Later, supporters of the ‘caution language’ put forth a motion to reconsider with the intention of amending the ‘refrain’ lingo to the caution lingo. This needed a two-thirds majority, and it only got 59 percent.

What’s happening is that the left, which doesn’t want to restrict us on the gay bishops issue, and the right, which wants us to fail to respond to Windsor in any meaningful way so that this failure can be u”

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The outmaneuvered middle

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