Sending and coming down from the mountain

General Convention

Reports of convention made their way to the mountain each day. We held convention in prayer each day while at the same time felling a little uncertain and fearful of what was happening of might happen in Columbus this triennium. As Christian educators, we had come for nourishment to do the work God has given us –gather and  "See the Big Picture. " This big picture is much like the big picture that Senator Danforth spoke of today: "the ministry of reconciliation." All of us are called to reconcile ourselves to God and to others. And when we have seen we are called to go and tell others~"Come and see." Our Bible studies at Kanuga (the Gospel according to John) reminded us daily that all are welcomed to the table. Jesus yearns for our "yes". Just as with Peter, Jesus will give us as many opportunities to say "yes" as we have denied Jesus. Peter pulled 153 fish from the sea (perhaps the totality of fish species known to live in the Sea of Galilee at the time) for breakfast at the beach and the net didn’t break. There is room for all at the table. The net is stong enough. God’s kingdom is ever before us.

During our final full day together at Kanuga we layed our hands on Tracey Herzer, president of the National Association of Episcopal Christian Education Directors, sending her to General Convention to testify to the need for strong Christian formation for all people~ children, youth, young adults and adults alike. We sent her just as Barnabus was sent from Jersusalem to see what was up in Antioch. We pray that she, like Baranabas, is finding evidence of God’s grace among the people.

As we come down the mountain at Kanuga, we are sent to go and tell what we have seen. We go also return to our home parishes to see God’s grace among the people and to do the work God has given us to do. I, myself, have taken the road to Columbus and look forward to being in the midst of conversation, prayer, and legislation. I hope to report soon on the votes on resolutions relating to children, youth and Christian formation.


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