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Interesting bit of news from “The Daily Episcopalian” if you haven’t already read it. For what it’s worth I’ve not heard anything on the floor or in hearings about dioceses planning on walking out of Convention…

The Houston Chronicle says Integrity, the gay and lesbian caucus in our Church feels confident that it has the votes in the House of Deputies to defeat calls for a moratorium on the consecration of partnered gay bishops. I think they are right, but the House of Bishops is another matter, and because a majority of diocesan bishops must consent to the election of any new bishop, the bishops can enact an undeclared moratorium unilaterally. Whether they would do so is an open question.

The Telegraph says three dioceses are proceeding with plans to break away from the Church. I would imagine that one of these is Pittsburgh, and I am curious whether the settlement in Calvary v. Duncan will complicate Bishop Duncan’s plans. It seems that it would. At least that is my impression after reading this, this and this.


The morning papers

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