Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

General Convention / Religion

… we are feeding about 125 a day in the Soup Kitchen, exorcising the computer network that went down (is there something contagious about technology glitches?), reading Morning Prayer, doing a healing service, consulting with clergy colleagues about joint efforts, setting up the fall education schedule, celebrating anniversaries of ordination (25 and 42 years respectively), visiting hospitals, folding bulletins, cleaning bathrooms, balancing the books, and all the thousands of details that keep parishes running.

Underlying it, we are sending up a current of prayer for our Bishops and Deputies in Columbus.  That almost inaudible spiritual murmur is your sisters and brothers back home, watching and waiting, and praying hopefully, joyfully, sorrowfully, anxiously, and most of all continuously for you all out there, as you seek to discern and do God’s will.  Can you feel us supporting you?

In one of his last letters, Br. Roger of Taize wrote, "Nothing is more responsible than praying."   We’re taking that seriously.

The peace of the Lord be with you all!

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