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General Convention

Not much to report during this, our noontime break. The Eucharist this morning was done in spanish and english and featured a mix of musical styles as well. It was really quite lovely. We’re all starting to hit our stride and get ourselves back into Convention form.

There were a number of folks missing today at the Eucharist. I was told it was because there was another Eucharist scheduled at the same time and many of the AAC and Network folks chose to attend that one instead and that their absence was due to this scheduling conflict.

I did get a chance to see more of my old friends from around the Church today. If you haven’t come out to General Convention before, it really is the best part. I had a chance to great Bishop Hathaway and to visit with him for a few minutes. He’s looking great. I shared my condolences at the death of Anna, his wife, this past spring.

There are additional hearings on the work of the Special Commission this afternoon and this evening. I’m going to attend the hearings this afternoon. We’ve only been given 5 tickets for the 8 deputies to attend the hearings tonight due to the large crowd expected. I’m thinking I may not attend this evening so that folks who had legislative meetings to be at this afternoon are guaranteed a place tonight.

We had a longish discussion on a series of the resolutions from World Mission this morning. As things wore on a bit, I counted four terminators at the various microphones. (A terminator is an affectionate term for the folks who rise to end debate by “calling the question”. George Werner choses to recognize them when he thinks we could be getting a bit stalled.) I don’t think I’ve ever seen four of them get up at once. Very impressive. Grin.


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