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General Convention

Today looks like it’s going to be a long one. There are meetings all day and then the big hearing tonight on the questions surrounding our reception of the Windsor Report. I’ve worn “grown up” clothes so far, but today I’ve got my hiking shoes on and a full kit with me. I’m thinking this is going to be day when it’s more important to be comfortable than it is to “look good”.

The first of our resolutions from Communications will be presented to the House of Deputies this morning. It’s the call for the interim bodies to begin an intentional process to communicate electronically and to use those tools to allow lots more participation in the work that they do. Hopefully there won’t be much opposition.

It appears that the more “esoteric” of our resolutions are going to be placed on the consent calendar – which means that they aren’t open to be debated, but are simply voted on as a group. I like that very much. I’ve been dreading trying to explain the difference between open data and open source to 1,000 restless people in two minutes or less. Grin.

I’m off to the morning Eucharist in a few minutes. There’s a purposeful air in the halls this morning. We’re clearly ramped up and underway. My sense is that people know this could be a historic General Convention. Actually – forget the “could” – this will be historic either way we end up deciding on the Windsor Report.

I’ve read a couple of blogs online trying to play up a clear split developing. I’ve not seen that at all so far. Clearly there are people in strong and deep disagreement with each other, but there’s no signs of animosity. So far this has been like a giant family reunion. I’m not sure what the implications of that are, but it’s what I’m seeing.

More around noontime I expect. Thanks Jenifer and Laura for all your good posts.


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