Afternoon legislative meetings…

General Convention

Afternoon hearings

Special committee 26 met this afternoon. They decided to hold a public working session. Lots of space for the couple of hundred or so folks in attendance. This is the room that will be used for the large formal hearing tonight. It seats 1500 in total, so hopefully there’ll be plenty of room.

The material they were working on was extraordinarily boring in spite of the fact that it concerns one of the most explosive political and theological topics of our day. There discussion was peppered with arcane references to papers and resolutions from various Anglican bodies and their meetings. All of it familiar to those who have been following along on what’s been going on for the past couple of years, but if you hadn’t been, I can’t imagine you’d have had any idea what they were talking about.

There was a short paper/statement published by NT Wright, the Bishop of Durham, this morning. That statement was distributed to the committee while I was present. It speaks to whether or not the present form of the resolutions being discussed can be considered a proper response to the Windsor report. Wright says that they are not and need to be amended and strengthened.

I’m sure the blog-sphere will be alive with discussion about this tonight.

One other bit of news – I had a chance to speak with a reporter covering the Convention. He’s hearing a different sort of mood than I am – one of a willingness on both ends of the theological spectrum to have a formal split. I’m not hearing that, but I suppose that’s because I’ve been talking to people in the middle. We’ll have to see if a position can be crafted that will be able to speak to those in the middle or not.

Do keep on praying. We need it here. It seems hard to feel God’s presence at the moment. I know that God is here but…


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  1. AmyS says

    Why are the AAC/Network types not sharing in the Eucharist? Do they think the rest of y’all are somehow contaminated, like you’ve got cooties? It’s not OUR table to invite, disinvite, or exclude anyone from to begin with… even so, the news coming out of GC about a real lack of rancor so far is hopeful. Please God ALL of those present will gather around that Table by the end of this 10 days!

  2. Nick, Fear not, hold fast to what is good. We sometimes face our most difficult assignments when we are tired, worried, anxious, & feeling as if we are absent from God. My prayer for you is that you will know that the Holy Spirit is in and around you. Get some rest, the journey has just begun.
    Peace and my prayers for wellness, nourishment, and good cheer.

  3. Amy – I think they were absent because another event was scheduled and they chose to attend that event. At least that’s the answer I was given. Everyone returned and was on the floor afterwards. Boycotting because your voice is not being heard is a bad way to influence a body that decides by voting… I really don’t think that’s what was going on here.
    I know some people have called for that on both ends of the political spectrum but it is a minority view in both places.

  4. Jim – Thanks for the words of encouragement. I’d like to tell you that things have gotten better, but…
    We just got out of the most frustrating legislative session that I’ve ever had to sit through.
    I’m not calm enough at the moment to be able to write it up – and I’ve got to run out to an evening meeting. Perhaps I’ll be able to say something in a more sanguine manner later this evening.
    Suffice it to say, technology needs to be used appropriately and not just because it can be.

  5. I’ll look forward to your comments and appreciate you taking the time to “de-compress” and reflect. ‘Sounds like it “ain’t” no Anglican picnic back there 🙂

  6. AmyS says

    Nick, I’m so glad to hear it doesn’t seem like a boycott is taking place. Hope your evening is calmer than the legislative session was.

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