Day One Reflection from Andrew Gerns

General Convention

A good account of what it was like on the floor…

“Most of today’s business was to help us get up and running…formalizing people in their roles so that we can do our work. I am beginning to get a flavor for the somewhat arcane way in which business is done: messages are ‘sent’ to the House of Bishops and ‘recieved’ from them. A Bishop, such as Ken Price who spoke to us on behalf of the Southern Ohio organizing committee, is welcomed to the house by the President. So was the Archbishop of York. While we don’t have the Sergeant at Arms first blocking the door, then welcoming then annoucing the President as is the custom in Congress, it reminds me of that. Bishops don’t barge in on clergy and lay deputies. We are our own body.

Some of us fell into word-smithing a rather minor resolution. This took time and Dean Werner called it a learning moment to remind us that this kind of minutae really belongs in the hearings and committees. With so many deputies this kind of parliamentary tweaking just won’t do. I am told by the vets that this is pretty normal for the first day.”

Read on for Andrew’s take on the mood of Convention.

Day One Reflection

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