Greetings from Kanuga

General Convention

Hello. This is Jenifer Gamber, parishoner of the Cathedral Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, PA, just across the Lehigh River from Trinity, Bethlehem.  Fr. Nick Knisely asked me to write about General Convention, and I agreed with the provision that I write about children and youth. There are a number of important resolutions concerning youth and Christian formation. I will provide a summary of these resolutions tomorrow.

Youth are present at Convention! The Official Youth Presence is comprised of two youth from each of the nine provinces in the Episcopal Church, USA each with seat and voice at the House of Deputies at General Convention. Youth have also gathered for E3~Educate, Experience, Empower~to learn about Episcopal Church governance, experience General Convention, and become empowered to be agents of growth in their home parishes.

Until Friday, I will be watching General Convention from the Kanuga Conference Center where 80 Christian educators have gathered to "See the Big Picture" of Christian formation in our parishes.  We’re enjoying keynoter Tracey Herzer~listening to her story of being set afire by the Holy Spirit and saying "yes" to God and sharing our own "yes" stories. The more we listen to one another’s faith stories, the more we might see that Big Picture. It is my prayer and hope that we continue to inquire and listen to one another. Through that listening we will come to know God’s magnificent creation and discern our common life together in Christ.

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