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Usually when I post something to this blog, I’m using a bit of software called “MarsEdit” that I bought about a year ago. It was included in a package deal with a program called “Netnewswire” that is used for reading lots of websites at a time.

Both work well, and I use them every day.

But MarsEdit isn’t very good to use to write something, it’s more focused on editing. You have to know HTML reasonably well to make it work, and there’s a lot of down and dirty coding that goes into the occasional post.

That’s not so bad, and it makes me feel on occasion like I’m still a for-real geek. But when I’m writing something rather than editing something, the tool set in MarsEdit just doesn’t work for me. Nor do most word-processor packages. I prefer to write in something simple that has a clean interface and few distractions.

That program, for me, is MacJournal. I use it for almost all my “creative” writing. I use it for articles, formal letters, sermons, etc. I can tune its user interface so that I am only presented with the words that I’m actually writing and nothing else. It’s the closest thing I’ve come to being able to use an old-fashioned type-writer again.

The latest version of MacJournal is supposed to let me post my writings directly to my blog. I’m using it now, and if you’re reading this, then I’m happy to report that it works.

If it does work like I hope, it should make posting thoughts and impressions from General Convention next month a much easier task and something that I’ll be able to do as I get a chance, rather than having to post only in the evening when I’m back in my hotel room.

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