Mark Harris summarizes the week’s events in the Church

General Convention

Mark Harris, writing on his blog site “Preludium”, has posted a list of the key events that happened within the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion over the past week. Some of them are events that I’ve pointed to, but Mark adds his commentary on their significance. He also points out a few things that have happened that may have significance that others might have missed. (Including me.)

Mark was one of the members of the Special Commission of the Episcopal Church which was charged with crafting the Episcopal Church’s response to the Windsor Report. As such, he’s been thinking hard about what all these things might mean, and how they are interconnected. Do read his piece. His voice adds a great deal of additional insight to the conversation.

“As we get closer to the Episcopal Church’s General Convention multiple lines are being drawn in the sand, bullies are threatening to take their marbles and go home, and Anglicans are generally acting badly. Here are some of the highlights:”

PRELUDIUM: A Damning Week with Eighteen Days to Go

(Via Preludium.)

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