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Dr. Jenny Te Paa (a member of the Lambeth Commission which created the Windsor Report) was asked to comment on the actions of the Episcopal Church that have happened since the the Windsor Report was issued. (Specifically on the theological response that was presented to the ACC.)

I quote from her thoughtful response this one particularly helpful passage:

“The challenge of achieving a measure of consensus, harmony, compromise, agreement among even the smallest number of human beings is always a fraught experience – the challenge of achieving the same among a group of Anglicans, let alone a group of Episcopalian ‘Anglicans’ especially given the extant ecclesial environmental realities would be extraordinarily fraught! And yet there in the actual text and in the subtext of the Special Commission Report is the evidence of the Spirit with which God’s people came together to produce this report. ‘By God’s grace’ is a phrase, which appears frequently. ‘Seeing ourselves as brothers and sisters in Christ’, is another. ‘As one Body [seeking] to live more fully and deeply into our Baptismal Covenant, unity in Christ, and participation in God’s mission in the world’ is yet another.”

(She refers to the report of the Special Commission which includes a series of resolutions that will be considered at General Convention next month.)

Dr. Jenny Te Paa on the Episcopal Church’s proposed response to the Windsor Report

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