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If you haven’t come across Mutiso’s blog yet, at least make sure to read the following post. He is a Kenyan writing about life in Kenya – especially in light of that nations struggle to respond to the HIV/AIDS crisis.

Aids and Religion in Africa: “As the issue of AIDS takes over our lives in Africa, we are still unable to bridge Reality and Morality. The hindering factors are basically cultures, traditions and religions. That is why even prostitution will never in the near future be legalized in sub Saharan Africa. When something is organized the risk is minimized. It ensured proper coordination safer approach, enactment of rules, their rights and much more. This will also ensure that the sex workers undergo mandatory tests every few months in order to qualify for renewal of licenses. Morality must not come with the risk of death. When you are dead it does not matter whether you were moral. Finally the funds collected could be tunneled back to organizations that participate in community health and Aids.

The fact is that the impact of Aids in Africa is a DISASTER.”

(Via Poet Mutiso’s Blog: Seeking Higher Solitude.)

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