Hmmm. Pay what we promised? Hmmm.

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Church World Service Announces July U.S.-African Interfaith Summit in Washington: “WASHINGTON — More than 30 high level Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Jewish leaders from Africa will meet in Washington this July with Africa-vested American faith leaders, U.S. advocacy organizations, think tank analysts, academicians, and congressional policy makers focused on foreign policy, to dialogue concerning the continent’s major challenges in an effort to affect US Government policy and encourage the US Administration to make good on promises made.”

Didn’t our government promise something on the order of a billion dollars to fight AIDS and HIV illness in sub-sahran Africa a few years ago? I’ve not heard from anyone working over there that the money has actually been spent. Apparently the opposite is happening. The US Government promises a massive infusion of cash, the private sector and church organizations rejoice and decide to commit their limited resources elsewhere (like Tsunami relief) and the Africans get nothing. Nothing.

I’m pretty sure God is not happy about this.

(Via Church World Service.)

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