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(Note: edited and updated lists on June 13, 2006)

As we draw closer to General Convention, I’ve had a number of requests from people in our parish and in our diocese for a list of blogs and other online news sources about Convention.

News Outlets:

  • General Convention News Site (New!)
  • Episcopal News Service
  • The Living Church
  • Anglicans Online News Centre
  • Thinking Anglicans
  • On the “Progressive” side

  • The Daily Episcopalian (new name!)
  • The Witness
  • Father Jake Stops the World
  • The Anglican Scotus
  • An Inch at a Time
  • In A Godward Direction
  • The Questioning Christian
  • Episcopalians for Global Reconciliation
  • On the “Conservative” side

  • Titus One Nine (could as well be considered a News Outlet.)
  • gencon06
  • Drell’s Descants
  • GetReligion
  • Stand Firm
  • American Anglican Council
  • Virtue Online News Center
  • I’ll be adding to this list over the next couple of weeks, so keep checking back here. If there’s a blog or site that you’ve found particularly useful and I’ve not included it, drop me a note, or list it in the comments.

    If you’re planning any special coverage of General Convention, let me know!

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    1. Karen B, says

      I appreciate your work in beginning to compile a list of resources for GC06. But I really take issue with your identifying “Thinking Anglicans” as a “news outlet” (especially since in the text you use the word official next to news outlet).
      Thinking Anglicans is a BLOG. Same as Titusonenine. If Kendall Harmon’s blog is not a “news outlet” then neither is Simon Sarmiento’s, much as I appreciate Simon’s fine work in compiling links and pulling together facts on various stories.
      Your characterization of Thinking Anglicans as a news outlet is particularly strange given that it is a BRITISH blog. How will Simon et al be in a position to have more official news than Kendall Harmon who is a deputy and will be live in Columbus.
      Sorry, but your characterizations above just do not make sense in that light.
      Other suggestions:
      The Living Church

    2. Thanks for the reminder about the Living Church Karen. I’ll add them to the news sources list.
      My reason for including Thinking Anglicans as a News Outlet was because I see Simon et al as trying very hard to be serve as news aggregators. There is very little editorial spin on the stories they post.
      I included a British site particularly because I think its important for us to read how the actions of General Convention are being perceived in the rest of the Communion. Anglicans Online serves the same purpose on the list.

    3. I thought about including Mark’s site. But he doesn’t publish that often, and I’m not sure he’s doing any thing special for General Convention. I know that he’s attending.
      I read everything Mark writes and I’ve found it very helpful in understanding a progressive view of our relationship to the larger Communion.

    4. Linda McMillan says

      Harmon and Virtue are hardly news sources. I am sure that what they say is what they genuinely wish were true. But saying it won’t make it so. And Drell’s Descants may better be described as Drell’s Rants. Even though he is a very nice guy, he is neither a theologian nor very well acquainted with classical Anglicanism.
      Everyone would be well advised that there’s spin on everything.

    5. Good list; thanks for including me.
      One minor quibble: I make it a general policy not to link to V______ (The Trad Who Must Not Be Named).

    6. Indeed, Linda, “there’s spin on everything,” including your comments. The three sites you mention are quite distinct and for you to lump them together like that is unhelpful.

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