Civility in debate. Please?

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Great post over on “The Blog of Daniel” by Jim Naughton. He knows what he’s talking about from his first hand experience with his blog site. Kudos to Kendall Harmon as well (for whom I have a great deal of respect as a communicator committed to this particular form of ministry.) I read Kendall’s blog a couple of times a day – check it out if you’re interested in keeping up on what the loyal opposition has to say to the Episcopal Church.

Panty waist. One word, or two?:

The Associated Press moved a story last night by Rachel Zoll about the ‘tone’ of the debate in the Episcopal Church over human sexuality, and whether new communications technology has contributed to a general decline in civility. You can find it here, but content yourself with the following excerpt if you are offended by gay-themed advertisements.

‘Kendall Harmon has to monitor his blog these days, so he can delete insults and offensive language from the comments section.

His topic: the Episcopal Church, a member of the worldwide Anglican communion.

As a critical church meeting nears over homosexuality, the debate online and in public comments has grown so intense that one publication has dubbed it “blood sport.”

‘I think people are dreading possible outcomes and when you’re dealing with the unknown, fear kicks in in a big way,” said Harmon, a minister and conservative leader in the diocese of South Carolina. ‘And I do think things are more polarized now. …

(Via Blog of Daniel.)

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