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Tips and Tricks for Google Calendar:

“Douglas Bowman at StopDesign has been using Google Calendar for months before its official release.

In a post on his site, he shares thirteen tips for getting the most out of it.

Many of the tips are Mac-specific, ranging from news that the Calendar will soon support Safari to how to smooth the font used for dates.

If you are a Google Calendar user, you will want to check these out.”

We’ve started using Google’s online calendar here in our parish over the past week – so this article is particularly timely.

One of the real challenges in a small office (that doesn’t have an IT support department) is how to share calendars and scheduling. It’s particularly a problem for congregations that don’t have full time secretaries, or who like us have clergy who answer the phone at odd hours of the day when the secretaries aren’t available.

We’ve been looking for years for a simple way to share the congregation’s master calendar with the staff and congregation so that we can easily answer questions about the availability of various rooms or resources. Google Calendar appears to be what we’ve been looking for.

It lets us easily share our calendar. It lets us get our data out (in case we decide to stop using it). It allows us to access the calendar in a number of different ways. And most important – it’s free and we don’t have to support it. Yay!

Check out the links above and take a look at the calendar site itself (Google Calendar). It’s worth it.

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