World Earth Day is coming

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Power Saving Tips and Resources: “Here’s an interesting (somewhat US centric) website that offers a one stop site for finding out about all the various incentives and programs available to help you save on the enerrgy bill. It has a menu system that is broken down by state, federal or territory then further breaks down’ as to where the incentives come from. There are also a wide variety of links for various tips anyone can do to help out. An example is the ‘Four for the Planet’ initiative, scheduled for Earthday, April 22. They would like everyone to pick out 4 normally used incandescent lightbulbs in the home and replace them with low watt fluoresecents. They say if everyone in the US did that it would save the equivalent to the energy used to drive over 30 million cars. The site: Power is in your hands.”

One of the repeated themes that have guided our discussions here in Dublin these past few days have been how the church and society are going to react to decreasing energy supplies and the resultant rise in prices. We have all agreed it is going to be one of the primary drivers of the changes in the life at all levels of the Church in the next 10 to 25 years. Here’re some practical things that all congregations can encourage their folks to do this year to maybe help to slow down the trend.


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