Off to Dublin…

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I’m heading off to Dublin Ireland tomorrow afternoon. I’m going to be participating in a meeting that is planning to discuss the implications that changing technology is going to be having on parish life and liturgy. I’m pretty excited to tell the truth. Not so much about being in Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day, but about the fact that such a discussion is taking place. The people who are being gathered are pretty high-powered (with me as the notable exception…) The idea that the Church is recognizing that there is going to be an effect on parish life, and starting to talk about how to plan for it is the most hopeful news I’ve heard all year.

I’ll try to blog my experiences on the trip. It sure makes it easier to keep everyone up to date with what is going on. If my plan works I should be able to post pictures of Dublin directly as I take them. (Or at least the day I take the pictures.)

More tomorrow!

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