Mass extinction of species has begun


Link: Mass extinction of species has begun.

On March 9, world-renowned environmentalist Professor Norman Myers will deliver a lecture at Macquarie University in Sydney, announcing the beginnings of the largest mass extinction in 65 million years and discussing what can be done to prevent it.
Myers argues that we are destroying the Earth%u2019s biodiversity so rapidly that we are witnessing the opening phase of a mass extinction of species, one of only six such events in the Earth%u2019s entire history.

This is not good news… The article points out that there are some actions we can take now to delay this event, but I have to admit that I’m some what less than optimistic that we could actually muster the corporate will to do it.

I guess the best we can do for the moment is see how the rest of the scientific community reacts to the analysis. Perhaps if enough supporting evidence is found…

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