Speaking of Swaziland…


Link: Swaziland Journal – January 2005.

Last year I spent a couple of weeks in Swaziland as part of a small team working to evaluate the communications needs of the Swazi Anglican Church and to increase the level of cooperation between the parish I serve and our sister parish in the capital of Swaziland.

The communications secretary at my parish collected all my writing from that trip and posted them into one easy to access page over on the parish website. All of this material is here in the archives on this blog – but it’s not easy to find. (I need to take a couple of hours and do some housekeeping in the archives. Like putting category tags on all the old posts…)

Anyhow – if you’re interested in reading about what happened while I was in Swaziland – the page linked above is an easy way to read the whole shebang easily.

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