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Throwing Down The Watt Gauntlet:

“Infoworld’s Tom Yager is directing a challenge to the PC crowd: can your PC run full-tilt at less than 63 watts? Yager was blown away by the conservative power consumption of his dual-core Intel iMac, which at 100% CPU utilization only drew 95 watts. Take away about 32 for the display, and you have a miserly computer, bearing out Steve’s promises of greater performance per watt. Remember that most modern Pentium systems ship with 400 watt power supplies, and you’ll put this kind of performance into perspective.”

Think what a huge difference in power consumption we would realize if this kind of high efficiency computing catches on. Leaving a computer running when you leave the room for a while is like leaving four (4!) bright light bulbs on. While that may great for heating, it can sure get expensive. I don’t think most of us realize how much energy we’re using just reading email and playing games.

(Yet another public service global stewardship announcement from your local curmudgeon.)

(Via MacSlash.)

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