Sermon for Trinity’s Annual Meeting and Epiphany 4b

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Our Parish meeting is a time for us to take stock of where we are, and where it is that God is calling us to travel. How is God asking you to rethink your day to day living?
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Episcopal bishop, dad, astronomer, erstwhile dancer...

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  1. hello, I am sitting at my computer and I had to add that listening to this really lifted my spirits today!
    Also… I had an experience this week where I really felt the presence of God is someone I spoke to on the phone, she was a lady that answered the phone at a dental clinic I go to and she was polite but also (this might sound a bit crazy)… she was genuinely a very caring person and when I went for my first appointment they were all genuinely very nice and helpful. It is amazing how in just dealing with people a kind word can make someones’ day!
    Where as if you call a place and ask a simple question sometimes I wonder if the person should be working in ‘customer service’ hee hee! because they are sometimes quite rude. This has also taught me that the more genuinely kind I am with people the more people will get their spirits lifted and it really does make the day brighter especially in the winter months too.
    thanks for having this site!
    from Michelle in Allentwon PA

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