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The real Rev. Daniel Webster is quoted in this piece in the Salt Lake City Tribune.

“To Webster, what’s at stake is a difference of opinion about the reality factor depicted in contemporary storytelling. “I’m hoping that when people watch this program they will see human beings portrayed as seekers, as imperfect human beings,” the priest said. “We are all, by definition, sinners. I’m hoping that people will find just an example of down-to-earth human beings seeking to follow a kind and forgiving and loving God.”

Meanwhile, the television critic for the Mormon-owned Deseret News checks in with a positive review.

I happen to know Dan Webster. He’s going to be putting up with a lot of ribbing about this. But I don’t think he minds actually. The show looks like it’s going to be pretty interesting. At least I hope the rest of the nation will watch it before they make up their minds.

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