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Zero Energy Homes: “An idea is slowly catching on across the US, homes built to require zero additional outside energy for heating, cooling, lighting, etc. Using innovative engineering construction techniques, with the latest in solar thermal and PV, it is possible now to have a home that not only gives year round comfort, but can also provide a monthly check back in the mail from surplus electricity production. Although initially expensive at todays energy rates, most economists predict a gradual increase in energy prices, so a locked in price today might turn out to be quite the bargain tomorrow, with the added benefit of personal comfort when the traditional source gets damaged or unavailable, say from a natural calamity such as storms. Here is one contractors ‘living experiment’. He plans to live in a home with all the latest tech, to see what works and what doesn’t, then offer the ‘what works’ in the homes he builds for market.”

Yet another story about how people are trying to figure out a way forward given that energy is going to become more and more expensive to use.


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