Oil Crisis: A time of Opportunity?

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Is America’s Oil Age Already Waning?: “The United States is at a crossroads: Americans want more oil, but they are split on whether it’s worth the international political cost or the environmental damage. The situation seems hopeless, unless you’re a geologically cross-trained political scientist, that is. Then the oil-politics paradox hints at a time of rapid change and innovation. That’s what it is beginning to look like to Karen McCurdy, a political scientist at Georgia Southern University who is applying geological concepts of change to political science. She’s coming up with a fertile way to study and learn about the connections among oil, politics, and democracy.”

Continuing the discussion of Peak Oil. Also in the news today was a report that last month showed the greatest single-month jump in wholesale prices in the past 15 years. The jump was primarily fueled by an increase in energy related expenses for manufacturers.

I have to admit that my real interest in all of this is what effect this is going to have on the Episcopal Church. My sense is that the suburban and country parishes are going to undergo a major (almost seismic) shift in their corporate lives and that urban parishes are going to poised for a season of profound renewal.

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