What Makes People Gay? – The Boston Globe


“…the research suggests that early on in the womb, as the fetus’s brain develops in either the male or female direction, something fundamental to sexual orientation is happening. Nobody’s sure what’s causing it. But here’s where genes may be involved, perhaps by regulating hormone exposure or by dictating the size of that key clump of neurons in the hypothalamus. Before researchers can sort that out, they’ll need to return to the question of whether, in fact, there is a ‘gay gene.'”

Very good article on the possible causes of same-gender sexual orientation. The thrust of the research that is being reported is that the cause may be due to birth trauma in the first trimester rather than being strictly genetic. In either case it’s clear that such orientation is not something that is being choosen volitionally. That single observation is critically important in my mind. The other observation is that the changes that occur due to the early trimester trauma are physiological in nature and therefore not likely to be reversible.

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