Essay: The face we see in the digital mirror


Brilliant piece in the National Catholic Reporter on the implications of that emergent technology is going to have on the Church… My favorite quote is below. Be sure to take time to read the entire article.

Cover story — Essay: The face we see in the digital mirror: “Langdon Winner, a professor of political science in the Department of Science and Technology Studies at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, studies the political and social implications of technological change. This is what Winner said about the impact of technology on people and society:

To invent a new technology requires that society also invent the kinds of people who will use it; older practices, relationships and ways of defining people√Ǭís identities fall by the wayside and new practices, relationships and identities take root. In case after case, the move to computerize and digitize means many preexisting cultural forms have suddenly gone liquid, losing their former shape as they are retailored for computerized expression.”

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