Bro. Thomas groks it again.


Bro. Thomas groks it again.

niche marketing: “The Episcopal Church can do small-group thoughtful bible study well. We can do potlucks well (but then, so can so many others). We can do liturgy extremely well. For those who want careful and beatiful liturgy, we are the place to go. For those who want a catholic church without X, where X is some unpopular stance of the Catholic Church, you can usually find it in the Episcopal Church. We have an excellent niche for people who want a church with a deep sense of historical awareness, a stable and predictable liturgy, and a commitment to the ‘social gospel.’ We have other things too.

I don’t know just how to define our niche yet. But I know we have one. And, I think we will do very well to start caring about that niche, and not fretting about some other niche that is already being well-served by some other church. What are the things that we do well, which nobody else comes close to? Who do we reach, that nobody else comes close to? For whom is the Episcopal Church the only game in town? That’s our niche.”

There’s more over on the Bro. Thomas’ site.

(Via Thomas’s Journal.)

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