What would +Rowan do?: Definitely


What would +Rowan do?:

Definitely worth reading the whole article…

“The international end-run is not working, because while +Rowan is willing to allow people to get themselves in a snit, there is no indication whatsoever that he countenances what they are doing. He seems manipulable and weak to people, but watching him and seeing how strong he is when he does speak, convinces me that he is simply waiting. So long as this or that international Anglican body, wrenched around by the schism-mongers, pretends to dictate this or that rule or policy or procedure, his silence is not consent, it is not any kind of agreement that the schism-mongers are in the right. Rather, he is simply willing to let them do what they want, without either being upset or angry, without ordering them around in return. I think his is a wonderful model of restraint and gentle firmness. I used to be distressed at what I took to be his weakness; now I see it is the strength of a man who will not fight needlessly, who knows that his ego is not bound up in this, and that he can stolidly and simply do what is right without being swept around by the storms around him. Put differently, he knows that it is not up to him whether there will be a schism. Duncan can make a schism, but Bruno and Shaw and Bennison cannot prevent it. +Rowan knows this, he knows that whether there is a schism is not a decision which is up to him, it is not a question he can control. It is up to Akinola and Duncan and Iker to decide if there will be a schism and when.”

(Via Brother Thomas Bushnell, BSG.)

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