Democrats are now judged not


Democrats are now judged not to be Orthodox – by definition apparently.

Church boots 9 over politics: Politics divides Baptists in Waynesville


A Western North Carolina church expelled nine members this week because they refused to support their pastor’s Republican views, members say.
The members, three of them deacons at East Waynesville Baptist Church, were voted out Monday night at the church in Haywood County, just west of Asheville.

All nine walked out after Pastor Chan Chandler told them he expected them to sign forms supporting his political and moral beliefs. After they left, members who remained voted to boot the dissenters.

This is exactly the sort of phenomenon that is slowly destroying the ability of people to speak with each other instead of at each other. We’ve gone from playing the “race” card to now playing the “Satan card”. Until we learn that we are all made in the image of God, and that God’s Holy Spirit has given each one of us a portion of the truth, we are going to be living out the story of the Tower of Babel again and again.

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