Just thought I’d better add


Just thought I’d better add something new to the mix.

I’ve been reading the reports from the Dallas meeting of the AAC and finding myself more and more disheartened. According to the writing of one of my fellow Episcopal Communicators, Canon David Anderson (president of the AAC) has come clean and admitted that they expect that the AAC will be named the “Real Anglican Presence in the USA”. Bishop Duncan is reported to have said that “[the Anglican Communion] is Rowan Williams’ to lose” implying that if the Archbishop doesn’t behave in the way expected, he will be removed, and another Archbishop will be setup in his place.

It’s all just too sad for words. I guess that it was too much to hope that people might try to live as one – even in disagreement. Apparently the AAC is requiring people who attend their meeting to sign a statement of faith. That’s something that we’ve never had in the Anglican Communion – though I do know of local congregations who have made use of one. (I’m told that one our neighboring parishes here in the Lehigh Valley has required all members to pledge: 1. They are opposed to women clergy, 2. They are opposed to Gay and Lesbian people in the Church, 3. They will only use the 1928 Prayer Book.)

I guess now we all wait to see what happens in London next week. I can’t imagine that God is happy about all of this – though I know a number of people who feel that God is delighted that they have finally broken from the larger body.

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