Just a quick note at


Just a quick note at lunch. People are starting to return home, so our numbers are slowly dwindling. There are some people apparently absenting themselves from the worship services – and while they are missed – they’re missing some great worship. (We had a gospel choir today that really rocked.)

At our small table discussion this morning people started sharing what they’re hearing from home about the news of Gene Robinson’s consent. The news is mixed and some of us are going to have to return home and explain what and why the Convention voted the way it did. But in MUCH more hopeful news, many are reporting that their phones in the parish are ringing regularly with people wanting to know what time services are being held this Sunday. I hope that we as a denomination can rise to the moment and show people who we are over the next couple of weeks – especially with people finally knowing that we’re here.

There were a couple of floor interesting pieces of legislation that were considered this morning – with the budget of the church being voted on this afternoon. We may yet still get the evening off if we can keep up the pace that we did this morning.

I’m off to see if I can find a big enough box to ship home all the paper I seem to have accumulated. I really don’t want to have to schlepp it all on the plane – especially since I only have a half hour between flights in Charlotte. I’m going to be wearing my running shoes.

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