So the fun is really


So the fun is really getting ready to start now. We had all sorts of manuvering on the floor this afternoon while we tried to determine the rules for debate on Gene Robinson’s Consent scheduled now for tomorrow’s session. I’m going to copy the section of the Constitution describing the Rules of Debate for the House of Deputies so I can follow along. I’m sure you can download a copy of the canons for yourself at if you’re interested in following along.

In MUCH better news, Convention approved a significant increase in funds made available for AIDS development grants in the next trienium. 300k instead of 100k was approved. It’s good to see us putting our money where our mouths are.

Interesting that the Diocese of New Hampshire and the Diocese of Fort Worth collaborated on the issue. At least we now know that the roof of the convention hall is well supported and doesn’t fall down on us easily. We may make another test tomorrow.

I’m off to my seminary dinner tonight. I’ve heard about these for years, but never been to one. Hopefully I’ll know someone there – I haven’t done a very good job keeping up with where people I went to school have been living their lives. If nothing else, I’ll get some more catching up done tonight.

I spent the afternoon talking to teenagers about the vocation of being a physicist. I only had a few kids – but once they sat down with me, they didn’t leave. We called ourselves the Venus Fly Trap table. Their energy and enthusiam for the coming adventures of their lives is wonderfully restoring. I can’t think of a better way to have spent the afternoon we had off.

(Thanks Karen for the b-day present. I’ll put it to good use over the next week. I love you.)

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