I forgot to add –


I forgot to add –
We had two resolutions about the disease of AIDS move to the floor of the House yesterday. One of the resolutions was about committing this church to the observance of the International Day of Prayer for AIDS (usually in the fall.) It passed overwhelmingly. The second was a resolution that orginally just dealt with the effects of the disease locally and nationally. The resolution was modified in committee to include the international crisis as well. Deputies stood to commend the committee on the addition of language. It too passed overwhelmingly.

Two of our senior deputies pointed out to me the profound change they just witnessed. They said that 10 years ago there would have been much more conflict on these resolutions and more attempts to derail them rather than pass them. Now we all agree that the disease is the problem we need to focus on.

Contrast that with the strong emotions and statements shared on the floor when we discussed a policy statement on the issue of Genetic Research (stem cells in specific). The statement passed with slight amendement, but it was a much closer vote. People here are still in process on this subject – on the issue of AIDS and our need to act in the face of the looming crisis, we are not in process anymore.

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