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The App you ought to have

Do you have an iPhone? An iPad? Do you support the One Campaign? I spent time in Swaziland. Many of my friends are either from the Sudan or work with people in the Sudan. Here in Phoenix we have a … Continue reading

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It’s time to rethink America’s policy on nuclear weapons.

There’s an article in the Wall Street Journal today by a number of former Cold War leaders (including George Schultz, Sam Nunn and Henry Kissinger) that calls for the U.S. to rethink its M.A.D. nuclear weapons policy. Not a dove … Continue reading

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Swazi government threatens torture against “foreigners”.

I haven’t written much about Swaziland recently as the situation in that small country in Southern Africa hasn’t changed very much. But I received this article from the primary English language newspaper this morning. The short version appears to be … Continue reading

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Learning to listen to the locals

What follows is an essay I just wrote for a Diocese of Arizona project which is collecting reflections from people who have been involved in various MDG projects over the past. Our diocesan MDG committee is going to publish these … Continue reading

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Violence and persecution increasing in Swaziland

A few years ago I traveled to Swaziland as part of an effort of my then parish (Trinity in Bethlehem PA) to support the work of Swazi Hospice at Home. You can read my travel diary and see pictures from … Continue reading

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Cinco de Mayo 2010

 Just back from our Cinco de Mayo party at the Cathedral this afternoon. The various services of the Cathedral family joined forces at noon, with Mariachi's and Folk dancers to celebrate our Mexican American Heritage. The weather was unusually windy … Continue reading

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The situation in Haiti

There was some good reporting about the heroic ministry of the Episcopal bishop of Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake on Friday. The Wall Street Journal talked about the “island of organization” in the midst of chaos that he … Continue reading

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Craig Uffman: Where Was God in the Earthquake?

There’s a helpful piece up on Craig’s blog that sketches out an answer to the question that I think will be on the mind of many this weekend as they sit in Church. If God does not will evil upon … Continue reading

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Please donate to Haiti Earthquake Response

As you all know this morning Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake late yesterday afternoon. The reports are still spotty but they are uniformly grim. Many, probably tens of thousands of people have been killed and more are injured … Continue reading

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Climate change God’s judgement not Man’s fault?

The BBC has a report this morning on a growing sentiment in parts of the developing world that the climate change that they are witnessing is not due to the actions of humankind. They are a result of God’s judgement … Continue reading

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