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What is irreducible in the Gospel? How do we give freedom to the hearers to synthesize?

Yesterday, as three groups of the House of Bishops went to visit churches, museums and cultural centers around Taiwan, I found myself thinking about the challenges of proclaiming the eternal Gospel to people whose thinking is organized in radically different … Continue reading

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These things did not happen in a corner

Today we had a chance to drive up to the top of the Mount of Olives and to look across the Necropolis of Jerusalem to the where the Dome of the Rock stands – where the Temple stood in Jesus’ … Continue reading

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The paradox of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Some of you know that I’m in Jerusalem at the moment on a tour of Israel. Today we had a chance to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher as part of our itinerary. It is my first time in … Continue reading

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Science and Religion. The road show

Great evening speaking to a group of people at Glencoe Union Church last night. The pastor is very active in issues surrounding the interactions between Science and Religion (and in particular with the Templeton Fund). He invited me to give … Continue reading

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2013 Bishop’s address to the Diocese of Rhode Island

In most dioceses in the Episcopal Church, there’s an expectation that the bishop will speak to the Annual Convention to both recap the previous year’s events and to point people toward what is expected in the coming year. Rhode Island … Continue reading

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Epiphany 4C 2013 – Love in the church

Paul's letters to the Church of Corinth show that controversy within the life of a congregation is nothing new. Last week we heard the first part of Paul's diagnosis of the problems in Corinth. This week we hear what he … Continue reading

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Epiphany 1C 2013; Stand still and God will find you

Sometimes when we're feeling lost, the best thing to do is stand still and wait for the searchers to find you. God is always seeking to gather the children of Abraham into the Kingdom. And God is seeking you right … Continue reading

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