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Pursuing the Mystery of Science and Faith – a sermon

I preached this sermon last week at the 2014 Ecumenical Round Table meeting on Science, Technology and the Church meeting in Salt Lake City last week. A rabbi once told me, in a conversation about faith and science, that God … Continue reading

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What’s going on with the new data from BICEP?

I’ve seen a number of news reports over the last day talking about the newly announced detection of primordial gravity waves by the BICEP program at the South Pole. Most of them trumpet these results as proving the Big Bang. That’s not what’s going on here. Continue reading

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You made the heavens and the earth, with all their vast array

From today’s meditation: “The universe is essentially a giant empty, soundless, cold, chaotic void. In incredibly rare instances, there are small pockets of organized matter. The little pockets represent very simple things like electrons, a proton, a cosmic ray. Even … Continue reading

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Ash Wednesday meditation from Lent is Not Rocket Science

I find it very evocative that the ashes we use on this day come from the destruction of the work of creation. Continue reading

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Why study Physics.

A truly lovely short film by a Rhode Islander – who studied physics at Brown and design and animation at RISD – both a few blocks from where I sit as I write this sentence. Why Do I Study Physics? … Continue reading

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Science and Religion: Can There Be A Conversation?

Last week I gave a talk in Little Compton Rhode Island on the complexity involved in the conversation between the scientific and theological enterprises. There were two big take-aways I hoped people would leave with. Continue reading

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Lucas Mix: Is Christianity Opposed to Science?

Do religious ideas and institutions impede the advancemen of scientific knowledge? Lucas Mix argues, and demonstrates, that they do not. Continue reading

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Searching for God in the Big Bang

Apparently as physicists work on models describing earlier and earlier moments of the Universe, they’re realizing that there might be some worth in talking with theologians. It’s happening in an informal way at an event organized by people from CERN. … Continue reading

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BaBar experiments may contradict Standard Model

Well, perhaps what the Higgs couldn’t deliver on, the BaBar experiments might. Essentially detectors are seeing too many heavy particles – something that the Standard Model can’t explain. Continue reading

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Mark Vernon: Dawkins as master myth-maker

One of my favorite bloggers, Mark Vernon, has a short essay up today talking about how Richard Dawkins, the uber-atheist, is, at his core, a maker of cosmic mythology. Continue reading

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