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Science and Religion: Can There Be A Conversation?

Last week I gave a talk in Little Compton Rhode Island on the complexity involved in the conversation between the scientific and theological enterprises. There were two big take-aways I hoped people would leave with. Continue reading

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Response to disaster

A thought occasioned by Bishop George Councel’s meditation on loss in the time of natural disaster: We live in the illusion that we can adapt and change the world to our purposes. Rather than recognizing that we are made to … Continue reading

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Lenten Bible Study Day 8; Luke 8

I’m posting this Lenten reflection here as well as on the diocesan blog, where the rest of them have been posted. The subject matter touches on faith and science and I thought those of you reading here but not there … Continue reading

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Journey through Lent: Ash Wednesday, Day 1

As part of our Lenten observance in the Diocese of Rhode Island, I’ve invited people to read Luke and Acts with me. I’m posting a daily mediation on the diocesan blog. We’d love to have you join in the journey with us over there. Continue reading

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Christmas Sermon 2012

Having just returned to the Northeast from the Southwest, it’s not the change in temperature or weather that has been the most striking. It’s the change in the length of and the darkness of the night. In the Southwest, we … Continue reading

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Prayers for the victims of violence in Newtown CT

Dear clergy and people of Rhode Island; We are all struggling to make sense of what is, at its heart, a senseless act of violence. I invite those who wish, to add the following collect to your prayers in the … Continue reading

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Quick status report on Diocese of Rhode Island

So far today we’re not hearing of any significant impact to the people or property of the Diocese of Rhode Island. Linda Grenz has been working the phones along with the rest of the staff at Diocesan House and seems to have made contact with most every congregation. Continue reading

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A prayer for those in Hurricane Sandy’s path this day

Holy God, sovereign of all creation, remember your people in harm’s way this day. Protect us from the storm that rages around us. Let us find safe anchor in your gracious providence through this night, and preserve us until the dawn. In Jesus, the bringer of hope’s name we pray. Continue reading

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Chapel Rock; A new hope

“God was present to these people and they felt that presence, often in ways they never had before. God allowed that presence to seep deep into the cracks in of their souls that had opened and allowed the pain to pour out. God’s Holy Spirit flowed in, making level the places that were strewn with rocky memories.” Continue reading

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Moving has been, in my experience, an excellent time to take stock, to reflect, to make decisions about what to bring and what to leave behind. I think that work, both spiritually and practically speaking, will be my focus these next few months. Continue reading

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