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Peak oil? Maybe not so much…

I’ve been writing about the implications of Peak Oil here for a number of years. (If you’re a new reader, Peak Oil is the idea that eventually we will have accessed all the cheap oil that remains in the ground, … Continue reading

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Bikes making a comeback in cities

Bikes are becoming more popular – is this something congregations need to think about? Continue reading

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“Peak oil” is here. Now what?

The amount of oil produced world-wide has not increased significantly since 2005. Sure we’ve found major new reserves, but they’re harder to access and more expensive to produce. The cheap oil of that drove the hyper-progress of the 20th century … Continue reading

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The return of the cities

I’ve been worried about this for sometime now. What happens when the suburban lifestyle begins to be no longer sustainable because of energy costs? Well for one thing, the real estate industry will collapse. The New York Times has an … Continue reading

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Thorium based energy economy?

Here’s an interesting idea. Apparently there’s a company in the US that is about to release a small power generating device capable of providing up to 250 megawatts of power in a 500 pound unit small enough to fit in … Continue reading

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Saudi oil estimates exaggerated

So, the rumors that the Saudi’s were claiming that they had much more oil than they really have are apparently begin corroborated by the State Department according to Wiki Leaks. CNN reports: “(CNN) — Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves may have … Continue reading

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Study focus for 2011

In the hopes that I’ll actually follow through with some plans I have if I go public with them, I thought I’d post some of the areas I’m planning on focusing my reading and studies on in the coming year. … Continue reading

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ClubOrlov: Peak Oil is History

There’s a pretty somber essay posted this week about the world’s future in post-oil economy. What makes it particularly somber is that it starts with the observation that Peak Oil occurred about 5 years ago (when all the data shows … Continue reading

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German military report says Peak Oil in 2010. World instability to follow

The New York Time has a report on news that appears in Der Speigel. It exposes a report made to a branch of the Bundeswehr (the German Army): “The study states that there is ‘some probability that peak oil will … Continue reading

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From organic entanglement to synthetic solar cells

There have been a number of papers recently which have suggested that amazing efficiency of the photosynthesis stems from its exploitation of quantum entanglement in the conversion from light to energy. Now some investigations into the details of the mechanism … Continue reading

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