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Fall 2014 House of Bishops meeting

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Tomorrow we will begin this year’s Fall House of Bishops meeting for the Episcopal Church. We’re meeting this year in Taipei, in the Diocese of Taiwan, a diocese of the Episcopal Church. As I mentioned this to people in Rhode Island, there was some surprise that Taiwan was part of our Church – but over the years, as our mission work in the Episcopal Church in the US took us further and further afield, we […]

Some personal thoughts about General Convention

General Convention

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve not had much to say about the recently concluded General Convention. Which is unusual for me. I started blogging back in 2003 during my first General Convention and I’ve been pretty good at posting regular notes during all the subsequent General Conventions. But this one was different; both for me personally, and I think in a few important ways for the whole of the Episcopal Church. This was a […]

Some Thoughts on the Eve of the 77th General Convention

General Convention

As chair (for a little while longer at least) of the deputation of the Diocese of Arizona to General Convention, Bishop Smith invited me to share some reflections on the upcoming meeting in Indianapolis. “Beginning next week, bishops and deputies from each diocese of the Episcopal Church will be meeting in our once-every-three year General Convention. This Convention, the 77th in our history, promises to be different from ones in recent memory. It’s going to […]

Resources for Arizonans regarding General Convention

General Convention

At the request of a number of lay and clergy voices here in the Diocese of Arizona, the General Convention deputation to Indianapolis this summer have created a blog to share information and gather feedback. We’ve called the blog “Arizona General Convention News”. Catchy huh? You can read the blog here: You might want to bookmark the site for future reference. A number of folks from our deputation are going to be posting to […]

Why can’t the Atlanta process be the norm?

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I just posted some thoughts about the Atlanta meeting led by the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music on Friday and Saturday. You can read the full post over at the Episcopal Cafe on the Lead. Here’s a bit of a taste. “I want to give the leadership of the SCLM major kudos for putting together a process supported by appropriate technology and outside financial resources that I think will make this coming General Convention […]

Christopher Evans: Common Prayer Anglicans

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Christopher has written up his thoughts on a piece by Nathan Humphrey wherein Nathan suggests a different binary set of lenses to use when viewing the parties in the Anglican Communion: Federalists and Covenanters. After pointing out that these two categories may in fact be different than those suggested before (liberal/conservative or reasserter/reappraiser), the whole enterprise of trying to put people in camps within Anglicanism automatically leads to throwing the Anglican baby out with the […]

Pusey in support of Common Prayer to Christ as the root of catholic community

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Hurrah for Jeffrey who dug out this quote from Fr. Pusey (of Blessed Memory): “‘At Holy Communion we pray to God to ‘inspire continually the Universal Church with the spirit of truth, unity and concord,’ and for ‘all Bishops,’ not our own only. Certainly, since prayer is the voice of the soul to God, we express not our inmost belief only, but a loving belief, that the Church is one. How it is one, the […]

Vatican announces its support for Rowan Willams’ position

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Thought this was interesting given my speculation earlier this week… “The Vatican office ‘supports the archbishop in his desire to strengthen these bonds of communion, and to articulate more fully the relationship between the local and the universal within the church,’ the statement said. ‘It is our prayer that the Anglican Communion, even in this difficult situation, may find a way to maintain its unity and its witness to Christ as a worldwide communion,’ it […]

David Simmons: Why am I an Episcopalian?

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David has posted an essay today that echos a similar sentiment to what I just posted earlier this morning. “A large portion of the reason for me is because our denomination historically refuses to play the cultural games others have been drawn into. The Episcopal Church is drastically worship-centered. This goes all the way back to the ‘Elizabethan Compromise’ in the Church of England in which unity in worship was considered more important than conformity […]