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Why study Physics.

A truly lovely short film by a Rhode Islander – who studied physics at Brown and design and animation at RISD – both a few blocks from where I sit as I write this sentence. Why Do I Study Physics? … Continue reading

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On the Sunday after the Feast of the Ascension I preached a sermon at the Cathedral that focused, ironically, on Christ’s Harrowing of Hell following his death on the Cross. My point was that Jesus shows us the depth of … Continue reading

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What an amazing thing…

Saw this quote in the review of the new movie, “The Golden Compass” – it’s in a discussion of the economics of making movies with overtly religious messages: “New Line made a bid [for financial success] with The Nativity Story … Continue reading

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Harmitology as found in The Order of the Phoenix

Harmitology, the theological inquiry into the nature of sin and evil, can be found quite readily in the Harry Potter universe. Much of what Rowling is writing explores the relationships between the people who try to do good and those … Continue reading

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Harry Potter: T-3.5 hours…

Okay. Our tickets are purchased. The pre-movie pizza is ready to be consumed. In an hour and a half our family departs for the local theater with our pre-purchased tickets in hand for the latest Harry Potter flick. The good … Continue reading

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My 4th so far…

We started the 4th of July by keeping to an old tradition that I inherited from Fr. Karney, the priest who really taught me how to be a priest, that of keeping the 4th as a holy day of obligation. … Continue reading

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Raspberry Rabbit: The Lives of Others

Raspberry Rabbit has posted a movie review of a film I’ve not seen yet, but which I will now having read up on it: Link: Raspberry Rabbit. If you’ve not yet seen The Lives of Others (Das Leben Der Anderen) … Continue reading

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