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Canterbury on dealing with ISIS and jihadism

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury has released a tightly reasoned essay on the necessity of a thoughtful and coordinated response to the threat posed by ISIS and the extremist so-called “jihadists” around the world. The essay very carefully refuses … Continue reading

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Not one but many: The American Nations

As a person who grew up on the border between the Midlands and Appalachia to essentially Yankee parents, who lived for a while in Tidewater and in El Norte (the US Southwest) and who now lives in Yankeedom, Woodward’s book makes sense of things I’ve noticed but couldn’t explain. Continue reading

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What will work and employment become?

Jobs are going away. Even cruddy, dehumanizing jobs of the sort that so many people decried during the height of the Industrial revolution. With no work, and no way to provide for a family’s needs, it’s no wonder that we’re seeing a breakdown in the structures of community. Continue reading

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Quick status report on Diocese of Rhode Island

So far today we’re not hearing of any significant impact to the people or property of the Diocese of Rhode Island. Linda Grenz has been working the phones along with the rest of the staff at Diocesan House and seems to have made contact with most every congregation. Continue reading

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Prayers for the injured in Colorado

There are no answers now. Even if answers are found for our questions in the next few weeks, I’d be surprised if they were sensible, or even helpful. Terrible things seem to be like that; they exist outside of sense and reason. They happen and we struggle to find categories to understand. Continue reading

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Put it in a special drawer…

Yesterday there were a series of rallies at the State Capital. The Latino community joined by the Democratic caucus held a rally complaining about SB1070 and the way it has harmed the state and “poisoned” relationships. The Republicans promised to resist all efforts toward repeal. The new State Senate President is quoted as saying to effect, “Any bill that I receive to repeal SB1070 is going into a special drawer in my desk. And it’s not coming out.”

In other words, the minority can expect no hearing of their concerns by the legislature. They should not expect the government to act in their interest. It will only act in the interest of the majority. Continue reading

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The need to build bridges

Years and years ago, I was at a clergy retreat at the Antiochian Orthodox Church Center in Western PA. It was the annual clergy retreat for the Diocese of Pittsburgh, and it was back in the days that Alden Hathaway … Continue reading

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