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On the right use of tech in ministry

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Saw this over on Pastor Adam Copeland’s blog: Luther, centuries before, wrote about the tools of the day as articles through which we should show love to our neighbors. In this light, my iPhone becomes a tool for faithful living. It’s unusual for me to go more than a few hours without using my phone. I use it for directions, and daily to search for information about our world. I my phone to text message […]

A word about readership


So with the news of my move to Rhode Island now public, and people in Rhode Island understandably curious about who I am, I’m seeing a lot of new readers here on the blog. Welcome, I’m glad you’re poking around. I’ve been blogging for just about ten years now and there’s a lot to read. Some of it is even worthwhile. But I probably should warn new readers that a few years ago, after General […]

Wait! There’s more!


Yesterday, while I was diddling about with the banner on the top of the blog, I happened to notice that the email widget which subscribes people to my posts by email is reporting that there are something like 675 people doing that. That’s stunning to me. Between email subscribers and the 200 or so of you who read my posts by RSS subscription, and the 200+ people who just load this page the old fashioned […]

Update on migration


Okay – looks like I’ve been able to migrate all the blog posts and all the comments over to the new site. There are a couple of gotcha’s… I’ve lost a couple of the sidebar widgets; but most of the functionality is still there. Looks like the photo albums are going to be lost; but again, I haven’t used them in a while. Been using MobileMe galleries for that. They’re going away in a year […]

The old site is still live


I’ll be working on updating the DNS entries so that the URL ( will be pointing toward this new site rather than the old Typepad one. You can still access the typepad site by going to

Let’s see how this works shall we?


If you’ve been reading my posts on Entangled States, you’ll notice that the rate of posting has been slowing down lately. Partly that’s because I’ve been running out of things to say, partly it’s because I’ve been planning a move from one blog host to another service. I’ve been with Typepad for more than 6 years now. But I’ve noticed that Typepad is rolling out fewer and fewer updates, and they’ve pretty much ignored the […]